From the Creative Team

Welcome to the Motion Picture Services catalog. MPS is a full service film and video production company that prides itself on quality production with a fast turn-around time. Every price in the catalog includes friendly service, years of experience, and an unparalleled quest for perfection.

Imagine a company that puts you in charge of your production.
Imagine a friendly staff with bright ideas.
Imagine a finished project that is exactly what you were looking for.
Imagine Motion Picture Services.

We look forward to serving you soon.

Motion Picture Services, a division of MPS Entertainment Corporation, has been servicing the motion picture film industry for the past fifteen years providing animated film elements and screen advertisements to a growing number of theaters throughout the United States and Canada.

In addition our company serves the broadcast and cable television community with a variety of programming and production services. Motion Picture Services has strong ties to leaders in the entertainment industry by its investments in such noted entities as The Walt Disney Company, Carmike Cinema's Incorporated, Paramount Pictures, and Viacom.

Winner of several prestigious awards including CHAD, CINE, GOLDEN EAGLE, and CINEFILM awards recognizing "Excellence in Advertising," Motion Picture Services has distinguished itself with a reputation of uncompromising quality. Our ads have been exhibited in various market places during such notable event as the 1993, '95, and '96 World Series, the '95 Indy 500, the '95 Superbowl, and the '96 Summer Olympics. This Hollywood style attention to detail has earned the respect of the industry and clients alike.


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